Monday, September 26, 2011


Hi!! Ok, I'm sorry i haven't blogged in a while, i've just been busy latley.
Well, I'm just gonna be talking about random things. Ok, one of my faveorite websites is Youtube (of course you should know what Youtube is), my other faveorite is Wolfhome, Wolfhome is a chatting website with wolf-type avatares, you can talk to actule people, not a computer, real people. (I got an awesome friend on Wolfhome, her username is Taelor, she is my best friemd on wolfhome!!!!!)
yes, short blog you might say, WAIT! I didn't say that It was ending! Well, ANYWAYS!!!
If you have any questions at all, just comment and I will with some luck, answere them.
well, that's all for now, BYE!!!!

-Flai <3

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A little about me!

Ok, Sometimes you might wonder, Who is this girl blogging? Who is this person behind the screen? Well, im gonna tell myself a little about me, (Q=question, #=number and im asking myself quetions XD)
Q#1 What is your hair and eyes color? My Hair is a natural "Dirty blonde" But I dyed my hair and my eyes are brown.
Q#2 Are You actuly 11? Yes =P
Q#3 How tall are you? Last time I checked, I was 4feet, 5in. (I think that is avrege height for an 11 year old)
Q#4 What is your personality like? Haha! Im weird, random, and funny-ish XD
Q#5 Is your real name Flaimean, and if not, what is it? Well, Flaimean is not my name, Flaimean is a name that I am using to hide my real name, but I might tell you in time
Well, i guess that all for now!
Im sorry i haven't blogged in a while but, well, sorry XD Ill blog real soon!
BYE!!!!! (P.S. sorry for the short blog)