Sunday, September 4, 2011

A little about me!

Ok, Sometimes you might wonder, Who is this girl blogging? Who is this person behind the screen? Well, im gonna tell myself a little about me, (Q=question, #=number and im asking myself quetions XD)
Q#1 What is your hair and eyes color? My Hair is a natural "Dirty blonde" But I dyed my hair and my eyes are brown.
Q#2 Are You actuly 11? Yes =P
Q#3 How tall are you? Last time I checked, I was 4feet, 5in. (I think that is avrege height for an 11 year old)
Q#4 What is your personality like? Haha! Im weird, random, and funny-ish XD
Q#5 Is your real name Flaimean, and if not, what is it? Well, Flaimean is not my name, Flaimean is a name that I am using to hide my real name, but I might tell you in time
Well, i guess that all for now!
Im sorry i haven't blogged in a while but, well, sorry XD Ill blog real soon!
BYE!!!!! (P.S. sorry for the short blog)

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