Friday, August 5, 2011

To Do list

Hi! the Master Of Flaim's has returned! (do you get it? Master of FLAIM's, cause I get it!) well anyways, today is gonna be a less boring, more intristing day. today we are going to go to Kmart to do some stuff (that i dont remember what!) then we are going to Walmart (we as in, my family and I) to buy food with our food money! then after walmat we are going to the Dollar Tree to.........BUY!!!!! we are gonna buy sevral things there, (Im gonna buy some treats, look for a bow&arrows, putty, and somethings else) so yeah, ok, so yes you can find me on this website that i like going to, called "Wolfhome" (here's the full link,) i like that website, you choose either a jackle or a classic wolf, then you can choosed ANY color you want then you can go to any room you want and talk to other people (Actul people, not computers, I know!) You should try wolfhome sometrinme! XD(Smily face,(one of them)) =D hahahaha!!! ok, ok, BLA! what now......? well hope you liked this blog! BYE!
you still here?

I'd stop reading now..........

your STILL here?

im bored,

well then.............


(For real!)
Bye Bye!!!

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