Sunday, August 14, 2011

Short day, Lot's to say........

Hey, hey hey! I'm finally here to blog again!And I have ALOT to say! Today is (Obviously) Sunday, I woke up as usual, ate breakfast then got dressed, I was wearing a white shirt, a white skirt, and a black sweater thing......Yeah. So my family and I, well my dad is at work and my big brother (Let's call him Nexus101, it's his youtube accounts name) he wasnt really feeling well, anyways, we went to Church, but we were there for Sacrement then we went to our friends' house to celibrate there baby (He got a baby blessing that day at church =)) The food there was amazing!! the chips, soda, etc. The cake was soo....Mmmmmm!! I ate so much there that I hardly ate dinner (Beef, mashed potatoes, corn) Then after dinner we cleaned up and me and my sis (Supaninjacat) did the dishes, I wash and clean the dishes, she dries and puts away, but we switch off evry day, so yeah =) right now im watching Nick@Night, you know (Nickelodeon) yeah, Im watching The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie!!! Please don't judge me badly just beacause I watch SpongeBob ok? =)I am hoping I will get a good nigh's sleep. Cause I didn't sleep well yesterday....=( well I really want to sleep well. I probaly will though........XD Ok i was right! i do have lots to say, I really love having a blog I get to express my feelings and I can share my day with whoever reades my blog! I think i'm gonna end this blog, ok! Ill post my next blog soon! Sniff me later! -Flaimean (P.S. I am now Flaimess =)) -Flaimess=D